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「The Hungarian world champion once again help you to live up to the top」

Arrived two weeks, three weeks left in Budapest Mao Asado, an Olympic silver medalist, women's double world champion figure skater.
When I learned that every day practicing the Ice Hall looked guest of the Budapest main organizer of the program are also Olympic silver medalist Andrew Sallay. One day before training is very nice conversation with the 21 year-old Japanese girl.

- What led to Budapest?
Zoltán Nagy, a ballet master and choreographer chose my physical trainer, and I came to Budapest to work together.Two weeks I plan to work here, but we were very good, and so extended a week.

- First time in Budapest?
Yes I have never at home. I love the city. I saw the Parliament, Heroes' Square, the castle, and one night the city lights of gyönyörködhettem well, but the most fun for me was the Opera House.
Zoltan Nagy applied to the stage. I raced a lot of hall, but there on the stage, something wonderful was the feeling of a huge audience, the sight of the beautiful lodges.

- How the days go by, the International Association on the side read, whether you buy something in a souvenir?
In my stay a few meters from the Opera. Every morning here starting the job. Ballet room, conditioning workouts, gain.Zoltán Nagy, every step of my monitor, advise and help. In the afternoon the ice dance workout for an hour's time I can ice skate in the Training Hall, after a little rest and then again towards the Opera.
Of course, time to buy is also broke, I bought some nice clothes for myself.

- Hall could say the beginning of his career?
I started skating when I was five years old. Two years older than my sister today was followed everywhere. Swimming, ballet and ice skating. Finally, remained in the ice rink. Today is no longer compete, but now is here with me, and everything helps.

- 2005 Junior World Champion, and two years later he was second among adults. Then, twice world champion. The 2010 Olympics, his best score at the Olympics was not the value of the podium stand. Two years later, think about how this event?
Vancouver for the first time I was very sad at the announcement of results, it is very hard, I worked a lot, but that such a sport, a Korean girl was better than me.

- In the past two years, only 6 place in the World Cup, what do you think of some reason for withdrawal?
Skating is not forgotten, but suddenly rose, and the muscles of the body did not follow my progress. That is why I chose Zoltan Nagy. I have heard many good things about his work. Worked with Torvill and Dean and Sallay, Regőczy two ice dance profession. They were the best at that time.
I also feel the master's professional work, work well together.
Standing before a very important year, which is a complex preparation. That is why I have stayed a week in Budapest, because every hour spent in the new development helps me.

- Two years after the Sochi Olympics, plans to start up?
Of course, I continue my career, I want to stand for the highest level of the podium.

- Then what?
Now they plan only in Sochi. What happens afterwards depends on how to complete it.
- Home of several people beaten to the top in recent years, there is some secret to success in Japan?
There's no secret. Many of us, together with advancement, we are working diligently, and eventually this will be the result.

- You can see even in our country, maybe even admire your skates on the ice lovers?
This depends only from you. In later years I plan to return to Budapest. If you are good competitions are organized, it is certain that I could call if I step on ice.


浅田選手にアイスダンスやフィジカルトレーニングの指導をしているZoltán Nagy氏は、イギリスのトーヴィル・ディーン組を指導したこともある大物みたいですね。お名前から察するにハンガリー人でしょう。






>Skating is not forgotten, but suddenly rose, and the muscles of the body did not follow my progress.That is why I chose Zoltan Nagy.

…身長が急激に伸びたにも関わらず、筋肉の方がそれに追いついていなかった。だから Nagyさんにお願いした…




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